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Mimuro-san picked us up around 10:15 and we headed to Hamamatsu Fruit Park for the company barbecue!  It was amazing.  The most beautiful park I’ve ever seen.  It was a mix between a playground, a museum, and Disney.

First we went to the playground.  Everything was shaped like fruit!!!  There was a giant pineapple and apple and bananas.  Then there were huge slides from the tops of the fruits (See the pic of me sliding down).


Also, there were two employees who brought their 2 year olds.  They were the cutest babies ever.  One of them would smile and laugh at whatever you did.  Happiest baby ever and so chubby.

The barbecue was SO COOL.  It was like hibachi but you grill it yourself.  We had vegetables and meat (and then this special sauce you can dip in – it’s like soy sauce but better).  It tasted really good and it was a fun experience with the HR squad.  Here’s Yuki-san.  IMG_6446.jpg

After the barbecue we found out there was so much more to the park – a dinosaur park.  We basically walked through Jurassic Park with these big model dinosaurs that moved their heads/tails and made sounds.


Then I got ice cream at the exit of the park.  So good.  Overall 10/10 recommend coming here.


Then, we went to karaoke.  It’s different here than the US – there are tiny rooms that you rent out for a few hours and do karaoke with your friends.  Less people.  They NEED to bring this to the US.  There were American songs and Yuki-san knew a few (“We Are Never Getting Back Together” – T Swift, “Toxic” – Brittney Spears, “Dancing Queen” – Abba, “Tik Tok” – Kesha) so we sang those together lol.  Then I sang Yeah by Usher 🙂  They sang some Japanese songs and even though I couldn’t understand it they sounded good and a few of them had a dance to it.  Mineno-san came a little later and he knows a few American songs so we sang “Let Me Love You” – JB and “Closer” – Chainsmokers.Image-1.jpg








We sang for about two hours and then headed back to the apartment.  We ended up going to get pizza just to try some different restaurants in the area.  Very good but probably not the healthiest option.  Yuki-san did tell me to enjoy while I’m here and just eat healthy when I get back home.

Anika D

My name is Anika Dholakia and I will be interning at Roland DG Corporation in Hamamatsu, Japan. Here is my journey!

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  • July 3, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    This sounds like such a fun time! What a great way to get to know your co-workers and experience new things 🙂


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