Diversity Within Treasury | #3

As a political science major, I am far too used to seeing diversity issues regarding political affiliations at the work force. However, at Treasury I have not really stumbled into these issues as the department and most of the federal government has the stance that only political appointees can discuss their political affiliations while all other employees must disregard their personal political affiliations in lieu of completing their job’s mission/goal. For example, I had the privilege of meeting one of the Chief of Staff members of the Secretary of Treasury and in talking with her I could discuss how she ties her role back into the Secretary’s political and economic views. In my division in OCIO, talk of politics is not allowed as they are merely employees working in the business technology aspect.


Similarly, as also an economics major, I am used too seeing gender discrepancies in top economic positions for women. At Treasury, I was able to meet a female in the Bloomberg Markets Room who has a powerful role in synthesizing financial, political, and economic developments across G-10 and emerging market economics into daily written and oral briefings for senior policymakers at Treasury and the White House. Additionally, I had the opportunity to meet the Treasurer of the U.S. Treasury Department, Jovita Carranza. She is a first-generation immigrant from a Mexican American family and is the 7th Latina U.S. Treasurer. What makes Jovita Carranza’s placement at U.S. Treasury unique is the fact that President Trump appointed her and is now another Latina apart of his administration.


In the end, the U.S. Treasury has surprised me with its diversity as I have found unique individuals who all contribute to the department’s role in different ways. Because of this, I am finding that my personal identity and my job aren’t conjoined. In fact, I would argue that for the federal government your identity doesn’t always matter, but rather how you present yourself professionally and how hard you work at your designated work and tasks does. I hope to continue to being self-aware at my time remaining in Treasury so that I can further see how my personal identity fits and if that comes at the cost of diversity at the work force.

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