Exploring the Lost Planet #2

I found a great mentor here at Lost Planet Editorial. His name is Charlie Johnston and he has been working for the company for years. He started off as an assistant. This role involved finding clips in video archives and making them available for the editor to use in their videos.

Charlie went to college with my former film professor Matthew Solomon. There was a book Professor Solomon was writing when I was in his class. Charlie was one of the people who helped him gather important materials to complete it.

On Monday, there weren’t any clients so Deonna, the secretary, advised that I shadow an editor. I decided to seek out Charlie. He was editing a commercial for American Express. His was used a video editing software called Avid. It is a program that I am not familiar with.

He gave me a general overview of the editing process. Clients usually come in with a plan and the editor sets it into motion. The American Express video had a lot of issues though. The company decided to film many scenes themselves and the quality wasn’t up to par. Charlie had to be creative with what he was given.

Before I left, he invited me to shoot a few scenes with him for the commercial the next day. He also offered to teach me Avid.

This is what makes Charlie so great. He’s super friendly and insightful. I have also developed relationships with Rachel Butler and Kenji Yamauchi, the two assistants. They have allowed me to practice different editing techniques.

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