Exploring the Lost Planet #3

In my third week with the editorial, I finally got a chance to try out some software. Charlie had shown Melissa and me some key features of Avid. I personally prefer Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut because of my experience with each of them in the past. The nice thing about Avid is that you can customize the entire layout of the program including which keys you want assigned to certain features.

Again, there wasn’t much going on. I had time to spare. All of the clients had been assisted. In times like these, Krystn told me to learn from the employees.

I decided to join Rachel Butler and Kenji Yamauchi in the assistant’s room. The assistant’s room is where the offline process happens. The offline process is when the assistant makes a rough cut of a video. They then send the cut to the Black Hole team who start the online process. This team is made up of animators and sound designers. They make sure the quality is perfect.

Rachel is a University of Michigan alumni. She taught me a technique the assistants use called comping. You can basically overlay different video segments over one another. So if you see a person using their phone or watching television in a commercial the footage they are viewing is just a comp. Spending time in the assistant’s room is always a highlight of my day.

On a side note, this is the coffee I pick up for the executive producer everyday from Starbucks. This is the most detailed order I’ve ever seen:


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