Finding Valuable Mentors #2

My internship program at The Nature Conservancy has offered me more than I ever expected it would during my summer months here.  As an intern, I was given a supervisor and a mentor, both of whom are in the Foundations Relations department.  Going into the internship, I didn’t expect to receive much advice or help from my mentor simply because I wasn’t aware how the company operated.  I was very wrong about this hunch however. My mentor has been a wonderful resource and has done anything possible to answer any questions, create connections with people in my desired line of work, and create goals for my time here at TNC.

Having a mentor has been amazing, and I have also found that everyone in the organization is incredibly willing to take time to connect with me and talk about my potential career interests.  I have made an immense number of valuable connections during my time here and was taken aback by the willingness of everyone to create long-lasting professional connections.  There is an incredible sense of community here at TNC, and I hope to someday return as a full time employee.

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  • July 3, 2017 at 10:51 pm

    This is great! What do you hope to get out of having a mentor during the summer?


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