First Impressions


With Week 1 complete, I find myself even more excited for this internship than I previously was.

My internship is under F6S, a startup for startups. F6S is an online platform for founders and startups that hopes to connect them with grant funding, R&D tax relief, and startup programs/accelerators. I work under a U of M alumna, Heloise, who is the head of their recently-created Grants Department. She works with companies and figures out how to get them free money. I was drawn to this opportunity because I would be working with startups, and I want to minor in Entrepreneurship at Michigan; so needless to say, this job seemed fitting. Furthermore, Heloise told me about the company atmosphere and culture, and these aspects of the business attracted me to the position as well.


So far, I have been beside Heloise and her colleague A as we consult with startups and SME’s in the UK on their business plan and future project ideas. We tell them what they need to do in order to get grant funding for any future development plans they may have, as well as write the grant for them. Grant funding can come from the UK national government, regional governments, universities, and private competitions.


As for goals, I’m excited to learn more about Entrepreneurship including how to write a good business plan, how to secure public and private investment, and how to do things like take a product to market.


Can’t wait for what Week 2 brings!



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  • July 3, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your internship! This sounds like a really great opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship and startups in general. All companies need money too, so these funding skills will probably be transferrable wherever you go!


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