First Week in Slovenia! | #1

Wow what a week! This internship is definitely the most adventurous thing I’ve ever done in my life. I could only imagine before now what living in a foreign country would be like. I do not speak Slovene or Italian, the two official languages here, but everyone under the age of 50 speaks English pretty well. I am living in Piran, Slovenia, right on the beach. The sun sets just outside my window on the Adriatic Sea. This is a very popular tourist destination for Slovenians, Germans, and Austrians. The food is mostly Italian (pizzas, pasta) with some Mediterranean seafood influence as well. I have found my way to the local bakery, grocery store, and bank. As well as to the surrounding towns on the coast called Izola and Portorož. These towns have a charming Venetian feel to them, with beautifully colored buildings, boats everywhere, and orange roofs! 

My internship is working at a marine biology station, which is connected to the dorms that I live in. I am doing lab procedures that I actually learned back in Ann Arbor but using DNA from organisms that live in the Adriatic Sea like jelly fish! I had a little bit of a different idea of how the internship was going to be before coming here. I was under the impression that there would be several other interns living and working at the station but I found out upon my arrival that it would just be the other student from Michigan and me. This was very disappointing to me but I will make the best of this independent time. I have become friends with the girl that works at the restaurant next door and she has introduced me to a few of her other friends. 

For my first weekend here I went to Triglav National Park in the northwestern part of Slovenia. This area is part of the Julian Alps and there are lots of little lakes that make this area absolutely beautiful. I hiked up a mountain that looked over Lake Bohinj where we came across little huts and sheep along the way. It was the most beautiful site I have ever seen.

Ciao for now!


Biology and Environment major at the University of Michigan. Boston --> Ann Arbor --> Piran, Slovenia. I <3 sailing, backpacking, theater, and baking.

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  • July 10, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    Piran sounds like such a beautiful, serene city! I hope you have an amazing time exploring and at your internship 🙂


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