I’ll Always TREASURE MY First Week | #1


My name is Gabriela “Gaby” Font and I am a LSA Junior double majoring in Economics and Political Science. This summer I am honored to be interning in Washington D.C. under the U.S. Department of Treasury as an Enterprise Business Solutions Intern. You can read more about the mission of an EBS Intern within Treasury here: https://www.treasury.gov/about/organizational-structure/offices/Pages/-HR-Connect-Program-Office.aspx

My first week in Treasury was more than overwhelming as I had to deal with security clearances, meeting 100s of employees, meeting other interns, navigating the city of DC, and navigating the the various floors of the Treasury building, etc.  However, I am well into my third week at Treasury and have been able to get accustomed to the daily customs and am more than capable of spewing out random facts of the Treasury Department (Did you know there was a murderer in Treasury in the 1960s?).

I have gotten accustomed and comfortable quickly in Treasury due to my goal of networking.  I believe getting exposure and meeting new people within Treasury has made it easier for me to ask for help or advice on work assignments. I had set this goal of networking prior to my start date in my internship as I hope to accomplish something with it- hopefully possible career opportunities that can grow from Treasury and/or  Washington DC at large. During my experience networking and my experience with Treasury, I also hope to gain a close mentor who can guide me on practically anything- career paths, valuable courses to take before I graduate from UM, life advice, etc.




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