Learning To Adapt | Blog Post #2

Going into my internship, I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. I knew that I would mainly be helping to launch the magazine, which I thought would for the most part involve writing stories that were assigned to me, as well as brainstorming ideas. Very quickly I learned that I would have a lot more independence and responsibility than I originally thought, and I am actually very grateful for it. My duties so far have included designing the logo of the magazine, independently selecting all of the content that will be in the first issue, generating promotional ideas for the artist, creating a concept for a radio show that I will run myself, and proofreading the work of my fellow interns.

It has been a lot of work so far, but I am really excited to have the opportunity to do meaningful, challenging work rather than just running to get coffee or printing out documents. Though at times I have struggled with the lack of guidance I am given, it has forced me to embrace the independence and trust in my abilities. I am excited that my vision for the magazine is going to have the opportunity to really manifest itself in the final product. My supervisor will need to approve all actions I take in the creation of the magazine, but my ideas will still be allowed to shine.

I’ve definitely felt the stress and difficulty of the workload, but I know that learning to work with the stress rather than against it will prove to be valuable in my future endeavors in my career.

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