Life in the Valley V

I finished my first major project this week. It was more difficult than I thought. I wrote the template code for it in the first couple days and thought I was done. I was wrong. For the next two weeks, I was testing my code for bugs and I ran into a Heisenbug: a software bug that seems to disappear or alter its behavior when one attempts to study it. I didn’t think I would ever find it because my code worked 80/90% of the time. Ironically, I was hoping for my code to fail. I learned that timing errors are the most difficult to solve. After two stressful weeks, my code worked perfectly. It most certainly helped me build patience in coding. I learned a lot during the process and if it weren’t for the bug, I would have built more pride and coated myself with ego thinking that I finished my program in 1/3 of the expected time. It humbled me and I was reminded about the stress of coding. It reminded me a lot of college programming courses and the stress that went along with them. Although it was a different kind of stress, the dreams of coding and thoughts of how to improve my code kept flooding into my head. At times, I had to write down my ideas so I wouldn’t forget them until I got back to the office.

Work aside, life has been treating me well, I am hoping to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium this 4th of July to take a break.


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