Presenting to the entire Company #3

Last Wednesday I presented to the 75 Torrent employees about the app that I’m helping to develop for the company. My work thus far has been done in silence and many people in the company who I was not working directly with had no idea what I was working on and how it would affect the company. I would find myself flustered when I would begin asking my coworker about their opinion on certain aspects of the app and then realize that they had no clue what context I was speaking in. I would then find myself trying to rescind my thoughts and explain to them a general overview of the app. It was a constant state of disappointment when I would realize that whoever I was talking to did not share the excitement that I had for the app. It was an indication that my explanation was not adequate. My presentation to the company solved this problem. I was able to see the excitement of those in front of me, and was later praised on the execution of my presentation by multiple coworkers.

I was slightly nervous going in but was confident that the slides that I created to guide my presentation wouldn’t miss any key information. It’s so hard to pull yourself out of something that you’ve been so immersed in and explain it to someone that is still on the surface without having your thoughts organized and planned out.

I’m looking forward to the sprint in the next coming weeks that will put my programming and organizational skills to the test to bring this app to life!


I am approaching my final year as a University of Michigan undergrad. I am currently interning at Torrent Consulting as an application developer. I major in informatics and hail from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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