Stockholm | Week 2


My internship differed from by beginning expectations because I was given a lot more agency in my projects and assignments than I thought I would have. For example, I conducted an entire photoshoot with a professional model in the south of Sweden in a small town called Lund. My colleague and I took an overnight train that was 8 hours to Lund and shot the model all day the next day. I was the head photographer as well as the head stylist. I enjoyed having control over the entire project without needing to ask for approval for minor decisions, since I was the lead on the photoshoot.

Here are some photos from Lund:

This internship has been similar because I am doing the digital marketing on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter that I expected to be doing. I am curating posts like I have in my previous internships, doing information analytics on the performance of the posts, and then using that information to judge whether the digital marketing efforts I am making are worthwhile.


Something that surprised me about this internship is how lax my other co-workers are, but also how quickly they can change gears and be serious and professional. I feel that many start-ups have this attitude and ability of quickly shifting gears when they need to. I think that this flexibility contributes to the beauty of a start-up and allows for the facilitation of the sharing of ideas and opens up opportunities for interns and those on the lower rungs of the professional ladder to inject their opinions and make meaningful impact on the companies they are interning for.

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  • July 3, 2017 at 5:37 pm

    It’s so cool that you’re in such a big leadership role! I’m glad this internship has given you this opportunity to make a large impact and display your talents. Would you want to work at a startup in the future?


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