Stockholm | Week 3

My most memorable food memory is when I went to a restaurant called Bananas I went to with my roommate, who has now become one of my best friends. It was in Södermalm, Stockholm and it was unique because the tables were half-outside and half-inside. It started raining halfway through our dinner but since our table was located inside and there was a full-length window that opened out to street-view, we could enjoy our meal partially outdoors despite the rain.

I ordered steak tartare with their home fries paired with the perfect prosecco. All the components of the meal went extremely well together along with the atmosphere, and the company. This meal also took place on a Sunday so it was extremely laid-back and relaxed. The meal lasted about four hours and every minute was enjoyable. Meals like this remind me about how important the little things are in life and that life is all about sharing happiness and living in the moment with the people you enjoy spending time with.
This meal is the most memorable because of the amazing food, the engaging conversation that I had with my roommate, which I believe was a big step in our friendship to really talking about each other’s lives and getting to know one another.

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