The Start of a Future in Research | #1

I have come offering a new perspective for an initial blog post. Unlike many, this isn’t my first week or experience in a lab setting. An enthusiastic “shock” is not in order nor a curiosity as to how the first few weeks will unfold. My new experience has been unfolding for the past month. Without a doubt, it has been an exciting and “eye-opening” journey thus far. Since the first day of scrawling notes from the Western Blotting Protocol to progressing into a full fledged research assistant, the hours literally fly as I pursue autonomy in the lab. Without a doubt, this internship is has filled me with intellectual curiosity and a desire to work towards progress in research.

The internship I have is through the MCubed Scholars Program. It is a pilot initiative administered by the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) at UofM. As a member of the lab, I will be a part of a team that focuses on the physiologies controlled by signal transduction networks. These networks are present throughout the human body and regulate many of the processes necessary for proper human function. Specifically, I will focus on Sestrin, which is a protein that when lost, is associated with phenotypes that are similar to aging in model organisms. To put it simply, researching this protein could provide a novel way to reduce the effects of aging.

As time moves forward, I expect to continue learning through research and contribute significantly to the lab team. Although, the internship started a few weeks ago, my journey in research is only beginning.



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