Value of Diversity | #3

I’ve noticed that the value of diversity is highly considered here at New York Life. They have a whole department dedicated to increasing and embracing the diversity of the company. This means including anyone regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual identity, and etc. This past month, New York Life participated in the NYC LGBT Pride March and sponsored a float for the parade. This makes me feel that the company really values diversity and makes me feel welcomed, being a minority from the Middle East.

I’ve also noticed diversity within the current internship class. Within the technology intern group there’s more women than men, even though there’s a big gender gap with women in the technology sector. I’ve even noticed that there’s are an equal amount of women and men in positions of leadership. I see that there’s every type of race and ethnicity in the company. There’s obviously no lack of diversity at the company and I’m glad to be part of this welcoming and accepting culture.

Growing up my nationality has always been a big part of my life and who I am. I’ve been made fun of before because my parents are from Iran, but now that I’m older I’m proud of my nationality, and since I’ve started working at a company like New York Life, I see that diversity is embraced and celebrated. I can be comfortable with my own identity at the place I work.

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