Winding Down

It’s strange to think that I’ve been in Poland for well over two months.  Every intern undoubtedly feels the same way when they realize that the time in their newly adopted country, which at one time seemed unbearably foreign, is running out.  For me, even though the language barrier remains impenetrable and I have struggled mightily to become acclimated to this new culture, I feel as though Poland, in a sense, has become a second home for me.

Without even realizing it, I’ve become used to life here.  When rug is suddenly pulled from under my feet – so to speak – at the end of the month, re-acclimating myself to the land of my birth may not be as easy as I once thought (and as one would assume).  I have learned to function without a dryer, live a more minimalistic lifestyle, interact with natives, consume healthier and more wholesome food, and, most importantly, appreciate the limited time I’ve been given.  All these drastic changes I’ve made to my lifestyle, I would argue, have enabled me to mature and have simultaneously altered my outlook on life.

Before traveling to this country I never would have believed that I would gain such valuable skills and acquire such invaluable knowledge.  Rather naively, I believed that my internship would be, for all intents and purposes, a standard, run-of-the-mill experience.  The 9-5 grind.  Early mornings and even earlier nights with little time for exploration and growth outside the confines of the office.

And I am truly amazed by how fallacious my preconceptions were.

I have had the opportunity to work with an eclectic and interesting group of people, explore cities and countries that many people have never even heard of, and help develop episodes for my second favorite medium of entertainment – podcasts (following film, mind you).

While I could never have imagined this kind of experience before this summer, now, after spending several months here, it’s hard to imagine my life without it.


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  • July 4, 2017 at 2:09 am

    It’s great to hear that your internship has been a formative experience for you. I think it is important to expose oneself to different and challenging experiences not only as a way to learn about other cultures, but also as a path for personal growth. Anything that challenges notions and preconceptions, and that makes us stop to think on things that we have always taken for granted, is good in so far as it helps us considers life and learn; either by leading us to adopt a new outlook or by confirming our previous beliefs.


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