#2 Work Culture at BRC!

The company I work for is a startup company named Beyond Remarkable. We are a career consulting company specializing in helping people find their right career path or land on their dream job. Since the company is still very young, we do not have a solid company culture. Most of my company is Chinese, therefore we have lots of very Asian habits such as being total foodies (not joking, whenever all the girls get together, all we talk about is food) which means lots of bubble tea, ramen, pho etc. (we all have a tendency for asian food too even though I grew up elsewhere.) We also watch lots of Chinese reality shows and Asian dramas when eating our food together and get along very well.

On the other hand, my CEO does not fit into our bubble (at least not on my mind). I have only had lunch with her twice and we do not talk much even though she gets along well with everyone else. I’m not sure what she wants to create regarding company culture or if she even has a culture she wants to work towards. She sets targets and goals for us but it’s sometimes very hard for me (and me alone) to get motivated since my work can get very monotonous, but at the same time I cannot do something on the side since they need information from me every few minutes.

All in all, I think we might be working towards a very Asian culture in our company, however I don’t see my CEO trying to work towards any specific work culture even if she tries her best to make us all well known to each other and motivate us. I do love the fact that I can relate to a lot of the habits my coworkers have even when I didn’t grow up in the same culture.

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