3 Weeks into my Internship #2

Now that I have settled into my internship and have finished all of my training, I am now starting to do work. I’ve been shadowing other team members as this is a part of what a Continuous Improvement Analyst does. We shadow team members in our company to try and figure out what processes can be improved upon or what problems can be fixed. I have also attended several meetings. These have been useful to witness because I’ve seen firsthand how people are talking, debating, and brainstorming in order to have a successful project. The most important task I’ve been working on is an intern case study. Myself and five other interns were assigned to a question: “How can the company, i.e. Title Source, improve our communication with our clients?” This has been a tricky question to answer because there is so much that goes into the communication with our clients. Therefore it has taken a lot of work to come up with an answer to this. But for this reason, I am learning a lot about what it takes to be successful as a team. Eventually we will have to present this project to the CEO of the company, and he will give us feedback on what was good and what needs to improve. After that, we will have to present to all of the leaders in the company (about 250 people).

Aside from all the hard work, I’ve also been doing a lot of fun activities. I got to see the fireworks in downtown Detroit, and Quicken Loans hosted an event called Internpalooza for all of the interns in the Family of Companies. There was live music, free food trucks, games, and lots of free “swag.” The picture attached is of the three other interns on my team and myself at this event.

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