Optimistic and Excited to Start!

Maria Backman
ALA 225 SU 2017

Blog 1: Goals

Embarking on this summer internship, my main goal is to gain insight and experience in the perspective practice of Real Estate law. This particular area of practice is one of my projected fields to practice once graduating from law school and it will be great to gain a first hand look into the daily tasks and procedures.

Not only am I eager to learn about the process but I am also excited to network and meet other law students who know the struggles of studying. It would be great to hear about their experiences and the things they did to overcome any challenges that they faced.

One perk of working at this firm is; the opportunity I’ll get to attend court hearings and see the process of “closing” certain cases. I’m sure it won’t be like tv and law and order, but seeing the litigating part to the practice is something I love and can’t wait to experience and learn from. In addition, I’m sure the accounts and situations will contribute to me finishing up my personal statement essay for admissions into law school. All so official but I am engulfed in excitement for the future!! I want to learn all that I can so I can narrow down if I want to continue with pursuing this perspective practice of move on to something else.

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