Working In Piran | 2

Now that I’ve had some time to adjust to Slovenia, I’m glad to say I’m happy that I chose this internship!

Since I arrived here, I have been mostly working in the labs doing DNA extraction or polymerase chain reactions. This is my first time doing microbiological lab work, so I’m still a little nervous about the process. But in due time, I’ll get the hang of it. While most of my work has been in the lab, I have been to the field to collect data from local mussel farms. I can expect to go to the field in the next week or so. Before I arrived here, I expected to spend half of my time on the field and the rest in the lab. While my expectations didn’t necessarily align with reality, I’m still excited to learn from this experience!

The city of Piran itself is an amazing place to work at. This city has both Slovenian and Italian roots, so there is a wide range of culture here. It’s located right on the ocean, so after a long day of lab work, I can step right out and enjoy the ocean water. This experience is great so far, and I hope to keep everyone updated!




One thought on “Working In Piran | 2

  • July 10, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    The view is breathtaking! Glad you’re enjoying your time so far 🙂


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