#2 – Work Culture

Work culture describes the climate of the environment fostered in a workplace. Investopedia defines “corporate culture” as the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions”. Work culture is reflected in its dress code, business hours, office setup, employee benefits, turnover, hiring, treatment of clients, client satisfaction and other aspects of operation. The work culture at the company for which I am an intern is implied, rather than overtly stated. The interests of employees and clients are considered and efforts are made to accommodate them and foster a productive and fulfilling workplace environment.

The setup of the office is conducive to business because employees are provided with all the tools they need to communicate and manage their work. Each employee has between four and six computer monitors, which enables him or her to keep tabs on the market and make transactions. Each employee has adequate space to work. Communication is necessary for success in the office, so each employee has a radio, which they use to stay informed and inform others about the transactions taking place. The benefits the employees enjoy depend largely on their performance, as the compensation structure is largely dependent on commission. This generates a high-intensity climate, because the closing of each deal guarantees a specified commission. The commission rate can be found on the company’s software, Bloomberg Terminal. Thus, there is transparency in the office. Clients are treated very well and are entertained regularly, during business lunches and golf meetings.

Overall, the work culture is positive in my office. Employees communicate well with each other. Client satisfaction is highly valued, as repeat business is essential. The employers much value their employees, and provide an environment conducive to their success. The corporate structure is largely vertical and hierarchical. Work culture could be improved ideally by increasing communication among employees in the many different offices in the country.

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