#4 – Midpoint Report

A goal I set in the first week of my internship was to “Never Shun a Chance to Learn More About the Company/Industry”. At the midpoint of my internship, I continue to make meaningful contributions to the company and be a valuable intern. I accomplished this goal by immersing myself into the industry. I wrote down everything the colleagues around me said, and looked up any concepts I was unfamiliar with. I also familiarized myself with the ins- and outs- of the company and the industry by reading company materials and using investopedia.com to learn more about the field. However, this goal does not have an end point because I strive to constantly learn more about the field. So, I must continue to pursue this goal.

My second goal was to network well. I am making progress in enhancing and enriching my network with valuable and interesting professionals with whom I can correspond. Building my professional network to foster professional relationships will help me immensely in my future job searches and business endeavors. My strongest hope is to receive an offer to be rehired after I finish school. I am constantly undergoing personal growth as I navigate the industry and evaluate its pros and cons. While I am not entirely sure what my plan will be for after graduation, whether I will pursue more education or a job in the finance sector, an offer for rehire at my current internship would be a wonderful opportunity.

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