A Culture Far From “Corporate” | #3

I thought that I was going to have a very corporate summer. Working in the legal department of a huge company that has national name recognition seemed like a suit-and-tie affair for thirteen weeks.I was expecting my time at Quicken Loans to be boring, mundane, and the stereotypical office atmosphere. I couldn’t have been more wrong.


The first day, I walked into a huge ballroom that had rainbow lights, cut-outs of celebrities everywhere, and a certain buzz of excitement I never expected. That ballroom was the orientation session for my internship program. For six hours we heard from an overly-energetic speaker about the company’s set of core values, or “ISMs.” I was immediately blown away by the character and integrity of a company of this size. Everything that this company did, I learned, was about integrity and positivity, even small things like calling bosses “team leaders” and colleagues “team members.”


As well, on the surface level, you can tell Quicken Loans, and its entire family of companies that employs 24,000 people nationwide, has a different approach to the “corporate culture.” Each floor of Quicken Loans has colorful carpets, happy people, games, and (my personal favorite) slushee machines. That paired with the amazing pay and benefits leads to an atmosphere that makes each employee exceedingly passionate about doing a great job. That kind of commitment to their jobs is what makes Quicken Loans the leader in the industry in customer satisfaction.


The most telling part of the Quicken Loans culture is the way I am treated as an intern. I am encouraged to speak my mind and question the way we do things. Interns are seen as valuable parts of the team that bring a fresh eyes to everything. I am never doing meaningless work like fetching coffee, but rather put on important projects and treated like a normal employee.


This is my first internship of this size. Previously, I had interned in small operations in the political world. All my fears for working for a giant corporation were diminished upon my first week of work. I had slowly seen that the immense investment that Quicken Loans has put into the happiness and health of its employees, mixed with the deep rooted culture of positivity and “doing the right thing, “ (by far the most popular of the “ISMs”) has created an atmosphere of growth and excellence.


I hope to someday work for a company that cares about its employees and its customers as much as this one. I can see in the small conversations that I have that this “corporation” values its unique approach to business. I think that the culture of Quicken Loans has taught me as much as the actual work I do during my internship.


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