Dublin: Coworkers & Mountain Deer [4]

Absolutely mad that the halfway point of my internship has come and gone so quickly! This fourth blog installment is deservedly dedicated to my brilliant coworkers at Zeeko (plus some insights into the life of mountain deer)!

The office dynamics of Zeeko have been changing lately. While the first three to four weeks were dominated by the sounds of sales pitches, the recent environment has been one of sticky-noted whiteboards and new accents. With the closing of schools for the summer, the sales women and secretaries put down their phones and headed home. Louise, Clodagh, Lynn, and Dara, four of the kindest, chattiest ladies I’ve met here, are all back home with their children for the summer. Just when I thought the office would be even lonelier, we received three new interns, all working on the business funding: Christian from Ireland, Beatrice from France, and Animesh from India.

The rest of the office has remained the same. The CEO, Joe, is in-and-out of the country as often as he is in-and-out of the office. I do not see much of him, besides the occasional “how ya gettin’ on?” His good pal Steven (marketing) is also always around but not really around. I see him occasionally and have a good chat before he disappears once again.

The three people I’ve had the pleasure of working most closely with are Jen, Ursula, and Davina. Jen has been my go-to gal from before day one! Pre-departure, I emailed her with questions about Zeeko, Dublin, clothes, weather, coffee, etc. She is a  cyberpsychology student, a self-proclaimed coffee-addict (I can attest), and a wonderful friend. Ursula is simply a ray of sunshine. Upon arrival, she gave me a big hug and has mothered me ever since. Last, but certainly not least, is Davina. We have been working together everyday, building the lesson plans and presentations for the safety seminars. With our shared love of watching random youtube videos, making weird noises, and sharing stories, we’ve found ourselves to be quite similar. She is a musician (I myself do not have these talents), but her stuff sounds really grand!

I think that about sums up my Zeeko colleagues, in a very brief sort of way. I’ve already written a novel, but I suppose I must mention the mountain deer. Not as up-close-and-personal as our beloved Ann Arbor deer, the mountain deer of Glendalough (my featured photo) are a little more elusive. In their elusiveness, they also manage to be more majestic. I was quite surprised, pleasantly surprised but surprised nonetheless, to find them way up there, grazing, lopping about. I expected sheep, goats maybe, but not deer. Glendalough was a lovely hike overall. A ludicrous amount of wooden stairs , headed straight up the mountain, but absolutely worth the stunning views. Ireland’s natural beauty continuously leaves me in awe.


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  • July 13, 2017 at 5:24 pm

    I’m glad you’re getting along with your coworkers! The people you work with can really make a difference in your experience. Did you hike at Glendalough with them?


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