Favorite Project | #2

I’ve just finished up the seventh week of my internship and I can’t believe how quickly it is flying by – I’m already more than halfway through at this point! I completed my first project a couple of weeks ago, and am currently working on two other projects; while all of them have been extremely interesting and enabled me to gain a lot more perspective into the company, my favorite project so far is one I am currently in the process of working on. Essentially, my main task is to help automate and standardize a data process that has metrics to keep track of the company’s post-delivery performance. This includes any refunds to customers, any parts we have to replace, and any labor we have to send to fix the damaged item. My project manager was initially pulling all of this data from various locations and manually cleaning and combining these datasets into one huge dataset. However, not only was it an extremely time-consuming and inefficient process, but the data was also extremely messy and hard to interpret. I’ve been working on reducing the number of moving pieces and cutting him out of the process so that the dataset updates daily on its own without any human interference. It’s been my favorite project because I believe it will have the most impact on the company; by having a post delivery dataset that updates daily, the information is as real-time as it can get. This means that the company is much better informed and able to detect any problems right away, as opposed to before when the dataset was only updated monthly and nobody would know there was a problem until the end of the month. Having this data also allows the individual plants which manufacture our products to monitor their own performance and quickly identify and solve any issues they are having.

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