Life on the Gulf | #1

After a slow start to my internship experience, things are picking up, quickly…

I work for Grant Thornton LLP, a professional services firm based out of Chicago, Illinois. Specifically, I work in the Transaction Services branch of the advisory practice, and even more specifically, I work on the Operations team. This is my second summer interning for GT, and I have really enjoyed everything so far.

This year, things started off a bit slower than last, as there wasn’t a project to jump on immediately. After a few weeks of being around the office in Chicago, I was shipped out for my first project. I ventured over to O’Hare, knowing I was headed into unfamiliar territory – Houston, Texas.

Texas in the summer is hot and humid, 180 degrees from our lovely Michigan winters. I have been working downtown, in the Grant Thornton Houston office. The project is an integration job, helping to seamlessly blend the client with the target company in all facets of business. I have been working with the TMO group doing high level project management, which also includes delegation to other teams: Finance, Diligence, IT, HR, etc. My work has included setting up online collaboration spaces, creating and arranging key deliverables for the client, and acting as a shadow to the project manager as well.

Day-to-day work is pretty fast paced, and typically very hands on an engaging. While that’s exactly what you want from an internship experience, it definitely is stressful at times. In addition, mixing in the travel aspect certainly does not make things easier. While it’s fantastic to get out and see a brand new city, there rigor of the travel itself certainly weights on you (flying in on Monday, out on Thursday, that is.)

Answering a bit more about my experience, I wanted to briefly touch on my favorite moment from the internship thus far. Last week, I was fortunate enough to have lunch with my project manager, and one of the company partners who also works out of Houston. We gathered for some Texas BBQ brisket, and had some great conversation. The conversation at one point led to the partner talking about his parents, who immigrated from Italy, and landed in my hometown of Birmingham, MI! It was a really cool moment, and really shows you just how small of a world it is.


I look forward to keeping you all updated with the rest of my internship experiences!! I hope everyone has been having a great summer, and enjoying their work.




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