Midway Point Internship Reflection / #4

Blog 4

After serving as an intern for News America Marketing for a month now, I have adjusted and acclimated to this setting. One of my goals going into the internship was to increase News America Marketing’s brand awareness, such as by increasing the number of followers on LinkedIn. This goal does not still accurately describe my experience since my job at the company does not relate to News America Marketing’s LinkedIn or social media accounts. My job is more to focus on proving to clients that the advertisements News America Marketing provides are successful and help the clients increase sales. So, I need to recalibrate and make a new goal that will allow me to finish the internship strongly with quantifiable results. My new goal is to make the PowerPoints that are presented to clients as to the point, straightforward, and as easy to understand as possible to significantly increase News America Marketing’s income. Secondly, my other goal was to become more confident and network which I do not need to recalibrate because I have been making a conscious effort of talking to coworkers, meeting new people, and going on professional networking lunches.


In terms of my performance, I have been doing a great job of meeting people and being friendly to everyone I work with. It is so important to have people skills and build rapport so I make sure to be kind and approachable so that I can work with others successfully. I also go out of my way to meet other employees at News America Marketing and to ask them questions. In terms of personal growth, I can work on focusing on my interests and figuring out if marketing truly is the field I want to go into. Self discovery is an area for personal growth. All in all, I have been learning a lot at this halfway point.

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