My fourth week in Shanghai | blog #4

As I am in the midpoint of my summer internship in Shanghai, it is time to reevaluate my goals that I had set before I started my internship. My first goal was to prepare two in-depth industry report. For now, I have almost finished my first report — Past, present, future of internet financing. And I will have to do a presentation in front of the group and educate them on this industry. I feel confident of what I have finished so far. However, I might have to drop the second report on communication industry. I have tried to find reports, news, and papers on communication industry in China. Finding comprehensive data about the whole industry was tough. Thus, it is impossible to prepare an in-depth report on that industry without connections.

My second goal was to get familiar with professional finance vocabulary, some investment knowledge, and build a network of professionals. So far, in the process of completing my internet financing report, I have done extensive research on finance vocabulary and knowledge. In my fourth week into my internship, I am confident that I have established a friendly relationship with most of my co-workers. I am pretty happy with what I have achieved so far, and my progress with the report and power point slides. I have learned a lot about finance in these few weeks.

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