My Work Self (#3)

I like to consider myself an outgoing person who enjoys interacting and learning with others, and who takes pride in contributing my own thoughts and ideas to conversations around me.  While working at Live Nation, although these personality traits are still a large part of my identity, I have had to alter some of my natural instincts and behaviors to fit more fluidly into the work environment around me.  For example, I have had to learn how even if I have a good idea or have something to say, it is not always best I say it, at least not in the spur of the moment.  Additionally, I have had to train myself to fully let people finish speaking before I start talking, not because I have a habit of interrupting people, but because I have such a natural desire to contribute to the conversation that sometimes I end up cutting people off on accident.  This restraint is highlighting a new part of my identity I have never really seen before, which is the fact that I am a little bit more of an introvert than I had once assumed.  Now that I am actively practicing restraint, I notice that I am much more quiet of a person than most of my friends would ever think, and I actually enjoy quiet.  I am appreciative of the fact that this internship has showed me a new part of my identity that I was never aware of before, the beauty of not always talking.

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