Peaceful Work Environment #2

As an intern in the Women’s Clinic at the Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital, I work in a cordial work environment where employees go out of their way to greet one another.  The Women’s Health Resource Center desk, my work location, is placed right near the lobby of the Women’s clinic.  I enjoy having the ability to interact with the patients.  I knew that I wanted to work in a hospital at a young age, but I had imagined being some type of nurse or doctor.  Recently, I’ve realized that being a nurse or doctor may be too stressful for me.  So, I think my current environment of administration type work and interaction with patients suits me well.  I can easily imagine seeing this type of environment for my future career.

Most of the patients who come through this area of the Women’s Hospital have smiles on their faces.  A lot of the patients who I come across are waiting to hear about the progression of their pregnancies, including the sex of their babies.  In other hospital settings, I could imagine that patients may not be in such positive moods; patients must be more mentally and physically exhausted.  I’m grateful and lucky to be in a hospital department that helps promote a positive mood and attitude for myself.  I think this is very mentally healthy for me when considering future careers.

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