Stockholm | Week 5

This internship has influenced my future school plans because it really solidified that I want to conduct a career in business administration and organizational management. I never expected that I want to go into a career involving entrepreneurship, however, working under the CEO of Berries by Astrid for two months really inspired me and made concrete for me that having your own company would be an amazing life experience. I believe that having your own company and having your personal brand integrate so much with the brand that you are marketing to the world really holds you accountable to yourself, your investors, and your consumers.

For the longest time, I have wanted to stay in my comfort zone and go into working for a huge corporation, however, after this internship I feel that being an entrepreneur is a very likely possibility for me in my near future. I am not certain that the entrpreneurial endeavors I go on will be fruitful, but I do know that whatever start-ups I invest my time in will be worthwhile because it will be firsthand experience on learning how to manage a business, manage people, and manage capital.

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