“The Worst Possible Timing” / #3

Got an e-mail recently that was something of a punch in the gut. Our regional coordinator, Leah, accepted a position with Rotary Charities of Grand Traverse. Her last day is tomorrow. Of course, we’re thrilled for her, but she makes up 1/3 of the staff of our tiny office- and the main office still hasn’t picked a replacement! Since I’ve started, two other key members of the state staff have also left to pursue other work. I guess that there’s a bit of a high turnover in this “industry.”

So what does this mean? We’re still not sure- Chelsea and I will likely have to take on more responsibilities and help the new person transition in, show them the ropes. It reminds me of when I worked at a diner in Texas- we had a new hire a few days after I started, and I didn’t feel exactly qualified to train them. But to someone brand new, anyone with any time of experience can be a huge help in adjusting. Excited to see how this turns out!

So why is it “the worst possible timing?” Those were Leah’s words in the e-mail I mentioned earlier- this whole time of transition is happening during the senator’s visit to the region. Luckily, Leah has still been fully available. We got to have a pretty relaxed and informal coffee and chat session with Senator Peters, talk about key issues, running for office, etc. That was really interesting! Monday the 3rd was the big day for meetings, and I helped scout ahead, talk to people, take notes- it’s actually fascinating to meet people who are just as interested in the state of the country (and the state) as I am. This has probably been the easiest (and most fun) aspect of the job so far! I could definitely see myself doing something more people-oriented as a career. If another regional coordinator position crops up, I might just apply…

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