Value of diversity | Blog 3

Coming back to China for the internship has challenged my identities in the first and second week. However, as time passed by, I am more blend in with the work culture, the co-workers, and the life in Shanghai in general. I have always had identity issues. When I first studied abroad in Australia, I felt I couldn’t blend in with the local students and culture. I was always more close to International students from all over the world. As I stayed longer in the Western country, I grew more towards Western mindset and including my hobbies and lifestyle. I was very overwhelmed when I first arrive Shanghai, in my office, people are more introverted and are more into card games and phone games. At first, I thought it was tough to get to know everyone, and I almost gave up on socializing with them.

Things started to change when I began to approach some co-workers about some questions of the Internet finance industry report. I was surprised how nice they were, they took time and explain their opinion about the industry that I am writing about and introduce me to people who know more about the particular industry. Slowly, I started talking to them more and joking around with everyone. I tried to find some common ground between my co-workers and me and show interest in their hobbies and life. I am glad that I get along really well with all of them now. I found out that I have to adjust my personality to fit different types of culture and also learn or at least get to know different hobbies so that I could have more conversation topic for networking.

I also have noticed that our team has way more male than female. It seems like within in the investment banking there is a significant gender gap. However, I was amazed to find out that on the management level, there are more women than men in Shanghai office. I also happen to notice that the lawyers that work in our office are from the Western country. It seems like it is more and more common to see the Western employee in Shanghai. I see that our office is quite inclusive regarding race and even female has the equal chance to be the leader of the team. I am glad that I am interning with this company and it made me more comfortable with investment banking industry.

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