Work Hard, Play Hard | #2

It is really important to adapt to and feel comfortable in your workplace environment in order to work to your best ability. At first, I was extremely timid and let the nerves get the best of me, but it did not take long for me to feel at home. I have found the majority of my office surroundings to be young, relatable, and having one passion in common, music. The positive and creative energy is contagious; everyone is both interesting and interested. My ideal work culture is very consistent with the one I am currently experiencing. It is clear that the employees in this office want me to learn as much as I can and make the most out of my experience. They do an amazing job making me feel comfortable sharing my ideas with the team and trusting me with a heavy, professional workload. I am being challenged daily, but have the comfort and support of everyone around me. I never feel timid reaching out for help, nor is anyone unenthused to give that help. I have quickly been able to take down my guard and grow the confidence to actively work to my best ability in this environment. I look up to the work hard, play hard mentality. It is easy to become distracted in such a proactive and exciting industry, but the hard work is always the number one priority. It makes the fun that much more deserving and appreciative.

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