1st Full Week

I have now completed just over a week of work here at Thyng. Working at a start-up has been a great experience for me so far. Many people out there get a little confused with the stereotypical nature of start ups, which includes less formal and more casual work environments. Having now worked in this type of environment, I believe that it is still a very effective way to go about a work day. Being able to feel comfortable to talk to your bosses about anything, not even including work, allows for an open-minded and comfortable place to work.

Some of the work that I have been doing so far is research and scanning. The research aspect of my job has to do with my company pitching their services to certain companies. I research current promotions from these companies that we are pitching to, and eventually demo videos are made to try to convince these companies to partner with us.

The scanning aspect of my job includes scanning products that also will appear in these demos. This is done with a 3D scanning device that is attached to an iPad. Once we have these 3D files, I have to edit them on a 3D  editing application called Blender. On Blender, I adjust the dimensions and edit the file to make it friendly to publish on our website. So far, everything is going extremely well.


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