#5 – Overcoming Obstacles

While there has been no one specific monumental error throughout the course of my summer internship, I faced the overwhelming challenge of learning a new software program. In order to be proficient in my job, I had to learn the Bloomberg Terminal from the ground up. I felt that perhaps my lack of formal education or training in finance contributed to the difficulty of this challenge. Additionally, my workplace environment is one that lacked a highly formalized on-boarding or training process, so I often found myself left to figure things out on my own. I did not find this need for autonomy to be negative at all. In fact, I felt very positively toward the feats I accomplished knowing I had made a satisfactory effort in my independent research to reach my goals. I wanted to impress my superiors, not burden them with my questions. While I acknowledge the benefits to obtaining wisdom from these executives, I found that I was adequately prepared to learn intricacies on my own. Ultimately, it was my independent efforts paired with an Intern Training Session at the Bloomberg Office which enabled me to overcome the major obstacle of learning Bloomberg Terminal. And, in learning the Bloomberg Terminal, I also had the unintended consequence of learning to navigate many other helpful tools, such as investopedia.com and various help resources and tutorials at Bloomberg.

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