#6 – Connecting back to Academic Studies

My internship position in the finance sector has confirmed my interest in a career in the industry. However, this internship naturally instilled some doubts about my role in this type of work. On the one hand, the work interests me and excites me. Employees are compensated based on commission, and this incentive-driven compensation is highly motivating to me. However, it is understandably stressful to be uncertain of your earnings for the year. Also, the level of cutthroat competition in the industry is something I will have to get used to.  Other indicators that banking may not be the role for me are the long and unpredictable hours, as well as feelings of inadequacy because I do not fit the general demographic of those in my office (middle-aged males while I am a young female) and my lack of experience. Ways to mitigate these conflicts include enrolling in finance courses at the Ross School of Business as well as working jobs and internships in industries relevant to my professional goals in finance. I hope to enroll in Finance 302, and pursue other relevant opportunities in the Business School like informational meetings and speaking with recruiters. I also feel it would be beneficial for me to speak with older colleagues who are pursuing a career in finance in order to network and obtain practical advice regarding how to succeed in business.

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