Blog #1: Getting Rolling in Metro Detroit

It seems like summer has been going by so fast, but perhaps the old saying is true – time flies when you’re having fun.  Personally that statement would be even more accurate if it reflected not only fun, but learning as well.  I have completed my first few weeks as a finance intern at American Expedition Vehicles and I believe I have a lot to show for it.  It did not take long for me to dive into a few different projects in which I contributed meaningful material.  I really enjoy that the work I have done will make an actual impact on the company.

One of my main focuses to date has been helping in a major data clean up and organization effort aimed at the incorporation of a new business intelligence software for the company.  As a numbers man I was not entirely sure of how easy or difficult these computing oriented tasks would be.  As it turns out I have used a mix of new and old knowledge to help me achieve my goals.

Of the new skills gained I am most proud of my work with MySQL databases and coding.  These concepts were completely foreign to me a few weeks ago, but I now understand the basics of how to work within it and I might even take more computer science courses in the future because of it.  It is an added bonus that the financial data I am working with happens to be very interesting as well.  I have been tasked with putting together reports and even a few models which is truly what I love doing.  I look forward to the rest of this productive summer, learning new skills, sharpening old ones, and adding value both to myself and to American Expedition Vehicles.

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