Blog 1: Goals

The main task I hope to accomplish in my time with XYZ Talents is to grow their presence in the social media atmosphere. They cater to an international audience primarily in Brazil and in the US so I find this challenge a great way to further understand for marketing strategies differ from country to country. In addition this company has done several amazing tasks such as manage the career of David Luiz and set up the first X-Games in Brazil so I would really like to highlight how much they’ve factored in Brazil’s sport scene and in the automotive world.
XYZ Talents used to be known as ReUnion Sports & Marketing and it is one of the biggest sports marketing firms in Brazil. This is a great opportunity for me to learn about sports marketing from one the best in the business. I have spent a lot of my time either participating in extracurricular activities or classes that have explored my sales interests but this will be my first foray into marketing. I understand the the difference between the two and how closely related they are but it will be interesting to finally explore this avenue more and to do so in through social media which has become such a massive factor for marketing in this day and age.

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