Blog 2: Work Culture

The USA Office of the company I am interning for is a very small area. Since the only employees who work here are the CEO, VP of Motorsports and Administrative Assistant. The work environment is very relaxed which is reflective of the Brazilian culture, everyone is Brazilian, and in the work attire which for me is fantastic for this Miami summer heat and because I get to revisit the culture I was raised for the first time since I moved from Brazil in 2008.
The work environment is very much intimate but everyone works diligently on their respective task at their own rate. This is nice because I get to work at my own pace but sometimes I tend to work better when facing a deadline since my sense of urgency acts up for the task. This has forced me to remain more focused on completing my tasks rather than procrastinating.  When I join the workforce I might prefer to work in an environment a little bit more fast paced than what I am experiencing now so that way I am more efficient with my time overall, since I have been able to learn when I am more efficient after 16 years in academia.


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