Blog #3 – Diversity in all Facets

At Mission Measurement there are many types of diversity. The office is diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, profession and personality. The office is incredible diverse race and ethnicity wise between both the professionals and interns. This leads to different backgrounds and lifestyles coming together. There are many different views to the same situation within the small office. This also correlates to the profession aspect of the office. As I have mentioned before, it is mostly split between the big data team and the consulting team. Each team has a different skill sets and approaches.

Personality wise, there are creative, practical, mathy, optimistic, realistic and lighthearted people. With so many different personalities that mesh and get along so well that conversations can flow for hours and you can loose track of time (sometimes forcing you to stay a little later). One of the most unique personalities I would say is Brock. He is Mr. Sustainability. He rides his bike to work, generally avoids all processed foods, saves one-sided used paper from others to take notes on and is constantly convincing me of the little things every single person can do to make the environment run. He is passionate about the environment; Jenine is passionate about making the office fun; John is passionate about sports; Brian is passionate about creating a learning environment in the office; everyone has their passion. This is obvious as soon as you enter the office.

The diverse environment within the office really adds to the business. I believe it is a big reason why some companies hire MM to do their consulting, because MM will approach their problem from all sides and perspectives, landing on the best solution possible. This is visible even when they come into the office just to hear the proposal. These different personalities start at the top with the CEO Jason Saul, who is a super creative type.

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