Blog 3: Value of Diversity

With my internship I feel like I am being able to reconcile with the Brazilian culture. This is very important to me because for most of my upbringing I was in Brazil and it’s the culture I most identify myself with. I have not returned to Brazil since 2009 and in this time I have lost a bit of the culture since I have been living in the US to Colombian parents. Since I am working in a Brazilian company in their Miami office I have been able to practice my portuguese with my co-workers and get tips about the best places to re-embrace/ relive my upbringing in Miami.

It is something that I have notice dwindling since my departure from Brazil but never realized how much my time in the US and DC cultures has affected me. I have always represented Brazil everywhere I have traveled or lived in thus far but I have forgotten about the simple things that sets the Brazilian culture apart: the relaxed nature, the passion and most importantly the natural kindness and sincerity expressed by everyone. Being back in an atmosphere that reflects these key ideal of the Brazilian population has been refreshing and helping change my mentality of life back to what I used to experience almost a decade ago.

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