Blog 4: Halfway There

Coming into this internship I expected myself to grow, to become more professional and gain experience. These are typical over-arching goals of any intern in a  new field of work. More specifically though I was looking to strengthen my communication skills, becoming more confident when speaking to people. Other goals of mine included being a self-advocate for myself and creating meaningful relationships.

Looking back at these goals that I presented to myself at the beginning of the summer I find that while these still hold true, I have so many other goals. Everyday when I come into the office I have a goal for that day. These goals are mostly coming up with a strategy to make a sale for this specific package. Every time I reach this goal of making an effective sales strategy and selling a package to a customer I ultimately am reaching part of my original goal. I am being confident in my communication skills, enough so that I can cold call a person and convince them to buy something that is debated if they need. Making these calls I am also a self-advocate for myself. I am assertive and while I may be given a standard guideline to follow when talking to customers I create my own guidelines because I know that is going to be what is most effective for me and lead to greatest result for when I speak to a fan. Lastly, because I come up with my own strategy and makes sales my supervisors become impresses with me. They see I am putting my best foot forward when I come into the office or come in for a game. I earn their respect by doing this and therefore create meaningful relationships. In the future they would be willing to help me out if I asked because they see I am not a slacker and will put my all into the work I do.

While everyday I reach new goals I still have room for improvement. I should be more confident in the work I produce. Currently whenever I do something a little off book I go up to my supervisors to make sure it is ok. While this is the proper thing to do, I think that now that I am halfway through the internship I should have a better understanding of what is ok to do and what is not, I do not have to ask my supervisors every time I do something different. I could also stay a little more on task. I start off my day and end my day on task but in between I get lost sometimes. Overall however the internship is going well though and will only get better with time.

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