Blog 4: Mid-Point Check-In

I can gladly affirm that I have helped XYZ Talents increase their presence online. Although I just this week obtained administrative access to their Facebook page but I created their LinkedIn page and have begun to develop it. It has been a challenge to develop it organically since there a few employees in the company and most of the employees actually do not have a LinkedIn account. Thatis  normally where the initial audience lies for this social media platform but luckily I have access to XYZ’s one thousand follower on Facebook so I have been able to get some progress. I might have to reconsider the organic versus paid growth deliberation again because it will definitely assist the company but that is a conversation I will have with my supervisor later.

At first I did not have much to do around the office because my supervisor was very busy and I did not know how to contribute. At first I read articles about digital marketing to better understand how to create posts and links. In order to assist my supervisor I decided to be more proactive and reach out to other employees, for example reaching out to be made admin of the page, to thus demonstrate my commitment to the company and give me more responsibility. Now that I have begun the digital project aspect of the internship, I am a lot occupied that I has for most of the internship thus far. I enjoy it because there were moments where I had nothing to do and I felt like I was not taking advantage of the experience that I could obtain. Luckily I feel I am back on track and more focused with the beginning of the digital project. I a enjoying trying to find stimulating content for our followers and cannot complain about getting to use social media to conduct research!

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