Blog 5

One of my main tasks at my internship has been to construct numerous media lists for different clients, in which I research reporters/editors/journalists and publications, their addresses, phone numbers, e-mail accounts, and notes about them. This sounds simple, however, when asked to make a list of beauty, health, vacation and lifestyle bloggers, none of the information was in the database the company uses. I had a very hard time finding the information I needed, however, did not want to come off as unintelligent to other employees at the company. I searched the internet for information, but after no luck I asked my supervisor for some web-surfing pointers. By being confident enough to confront my boss, I learned it’s always okay to ask for help as an intern, and that we are not expected to know how to do everything. She was a huge help, and taught me how to use other resources such as twitter, facebook, specific Google searches, and LinkedIn to find out valuable information about people that isn’t always clearly stated. Another obstacle I have had are “slow days”, where there is not much for me to do. However, I have learned to use this time efficiently, constantly updating myself on the news in order to keep up with current events and see what is being covered the most on what publications (for the internship). I am no longer hesitant to ask multiple times a day for work from my boss, as I know she appreciates my dedication and willingness to work and if something comes up she knows to give the assignment to me.

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