Blog 6: Connecting Studies to Academic Exploration

This internship definitely confirmed my potential career path. As a D.C. suburbs native, I have always had a strong interest in the political world and more specifically the political communication world. My interest in political communication was heightened by the high-profile U.S. election last fall and the role that the news media played in the campaign. I enjoy a variety of topical issues, and chose to pursue an internship at the Glover Park Group (GPG) to further develop professionally and network within the general D.C. communications industry while also gaining first-hand knowledge of how political consulting firms such as this one help clients both locally and internationally. My experience at GPG has for sure helped clarify my end-game academic and career goals. I have had a positive experience with the people I have worked closely with and have subsequently gained exposure to what it is like to work for a fast-paced, progressive and fully-integrated firm.

Being a MACS executive board member at Michigan also played a role in helping me realize which opportunities to pursue. Prior to my involvement with MACS, I took Comm 261 (Views on the News: What Shapes our Media Content). That semester, I learned all about how various aspects of society shape the news industry. This class definitely sparked my interested in the production and reception of mediated news content.This has positively impacted my college experience and professional development in that I have had the privilege of planning events that are meaningful to myself, my career and my peers.

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