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The first individual I had the pleasure to interview was also the first one to reach back to me. We decided to meet at a sushi restaurant in Coconut Grove. He is an entrepreneur and currently manages his own sports marketing company. He grew up being passionate about sports, especially extreme sports, and he calls his favorite football club “a seleção” (the nickname of the Brazilian national team) to demonstrate how much he values his club team in comparison to the national team. On that front we connected almost immediately. He’s also a family man and enjoys spending time with all three of his children, he even admitted that he frequently takes his youngest to the same restaurant we attended.
During our talk the main focus points other than family was the importance of being pro-active in the job setting. He set up several businesses in Brazil and managed multiple careers before coming to the US and he couldn’t have achieved it without making sure he made the first moves to get the wheel tuning. This is something I very much identified with because during my internship I have not done too much work because it is a very unstructured internship and my supervisor has been incredibly busy. I have been taking the steps to be more proactive, such as reaching out to other employees to learn more about the company and access their social media accounts to accomplish my digital project. He told me to not be afraid to reach out, because there is no shame in being straightforward with your requests. People enjoy seeing that side of their employee because it shows their determination and desire to succeed in their profession.

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  • July 21, 2017 at 1:29 pm

    It’s great to hear advice repeated – Being proactive and taking initiative (within the parameters of your job) really makes individuals stand out especially when your supervisor is busy! Make sure to maintain these connections as informal mentors and supervisors!


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