Blog post 5

This is my second summer in New York City, and both have been challenging and rewarding experiences. The challenges I have faced during my first “corporate” internship in the city is learning to acclimate to the corporate office culture, and learning how to work in a very structured office environment.

In my previous internship/work experiences, I have worked in very small teams and I was only exposed to a more direct environment. In a structured office environment, I am learning there is a lot of hoops one must go through in order to see a result come to fruition. One obstacle that I have faced is learning to deal with the different office cultures, and learning to be very patient as a lot of control is out of my hands.

I am navigating this obstacle by appreciating the other benefits of working in a large and structured office including a copious amount of resources and support throughout my internship. I am also learning to navigate by trying to find other opportunities during my internship instead of sticking to my assigned role.

I am very grateful I have had my experience in a corporate company, as this is my first corporate job and I would never have learned the benefits or drawbacks of working in a large office without an internship. Through this experience, I am able to gage what kind of company I would like to work for in the future.

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