End of First Month On The Job #2

I have now surpassed the first month of my incredible internship. In just this short period of time, I have learned a great deal of information about sales, advertising, and the real estate world, which I am grateful for. However, I also have learned, and am still learning, an enormous amount of information about leadership and management. Working directly under the national advertising director has allowed me to closely monitor his daily tasks and duties. I have observed his friendly relation to all of the sales team, which makes for a very comfortable yet hardworking environment. I one day hope to be a manager/director myself, and learning from my boss’s managerial style has afforded me the ability to see the type of management style I wish to one day pursue. The key point that I learned is the importance of setting up the right amount of authority and respect. The relation between a manager and his or her team is paramount to the success of the company. There is a great amount of respect for my boss coming from the sales team, especially since he is quite young and so established. They revere him, but also are his friends. This makes for a great ambiance in the office, wherein hard work is ever-lasting, however it is not a highly pressurized environment. I believe that this type of work setting allows for the most productivity. I also learned the importance of involvement. My boss is very involved in all of the deals and contracts that come upon this office. The sales team includes him, and he includes the sales team. This type of teamwork strategy allows for there to be a feeling of constant enthusiasm throughout the office, as sales representatives feel excited to involve my boss on a deal and to invite him to a sales meeting. Everything is very out in the open here at the office, everyone knows what deals and leads every rep is working on, and always is there to provide each other with a helping hand, whether it be a contact or splitting a deal to provide the best results for the magazine. I have realized that this type of environment is only possible because of my boss. Had he fostered a different type of attitude, this office would never have felt so comfortable yet bustling as it does. I have learned the true importance of leadership style, and truly hope to follow in the steps of my boss one day.

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