Girl Power #3

When you think about sports, what gender do you typically think of? In an honest, non-sexist way, I usually associate sports with males. Boys and men alike are always talking (well, shouting), playing, and betting on sports. Though, I truly get it, and enjoy it. Games are exciting to watch and there is a lot of anticipation when it comes to drafts. With the 2017 NBA draft, boxing rematch for the Light Heavyweight Title, and MLB Allstars picks, a lot is happening in the Roc Nation office, and I am proud to be apart of it. I am also proud to be a female in a predominantly male field. It is amazing that the five female marketing interns chose to work mostly with sports; and are succeeding, of course! On the other hand, the two male interns chose to work more with music. Aside from my gender, I also believe that my personality is an asset in my internship. Although all of the Roc employees are extremely creative, I am able to provide new, unique input as an outgoing college student. I have really been taking everything in and learning something new each and every day here at Roc in both the music and sports industries.

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